Our LUTs are designed to cover the entirety of your post-production pipeline, from setting a base grade to creative stylization and mastering. Many filmmakers say it's the only set they need.

LUTs are available in packs of 10 in each of the following collections:

  • Spike C, Filmmaker

    Yours are some of the easiest LUTs I have ever worked with. I’m often left wondering what kind of an images others use as references to create their LUTs. Most on the market are too harsh and downright unmanageable from the start, but yours are just right!

  • David F, Director

    My co-editor and I continue to find success with your creative looks several years after purchasing our first pack. Though we sometimes like to test the waters with other LUTs, we always come right back to the Cinecolor look.

  • K.S., Filmmaker

    These LUTs are just magic! I don't even have to do secondary color corrections. I've tried almost every LUT on the market, but never got a satisfying result. Then I came across the CINECOLOR LUTs and man oh man.... They just gave me the exact look i was looking for!