Looking for custom finishing work? We offer:


We now build custom LUTs for projects with specific needs and workflows.

Some examples are LUTs created to:

  • Emulate a color palette or aesthetic from another film
  • Fix recurring color balance or exposure issues on a given project
  • Enhance a specific visual element, such as skin tones or highlight detail
  • Monitor / preview a custom look on set, to speed up and enhance production
  • Unify colors across an entire project, using a finishing LUT customized for your project

These are just a handful of use cases. Whatever color issue you may be trying to solve - whether during prep, production, or post, we have you covered.

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Color correction services offered through traditional post houses are far too cost prohibitive for most filmmakers.

Depending on the colorist, the amount of work needed, and the runtime of your project, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5K - $40K end to end.

This leads most to either work with a less experience colorist, or do it all themselves. In some cases this can yield good results, but it is time consuming and unpredictable.

But what if there was a way to have the best of both worlds? To achieve the quality of a traditional post house on a DIY budget?

This is now a reality for Cinecolor users thanks to our new hybrid color workflow.

It combines custom Cinecolor services with finishing touches you can perform yourself. Ultimately delivering stunning results at much lower cost.

Here's an example how it works:

1. A project is uploaded to Cinecolor for custom color work.

2. One of our colorists performs a "match pass", correcting and balancing all shots without adding stylization.

3. Cinecolor delivers to the filmmaker a color matched cut of their film, with project file and custom LUTs.

4. The filmmaker uses our custom project-specific LUTs (along with any other desired stylization) to dial in the final creative look.

This workflow eliminates 70% (or more) of the cost of traditional color grading services, by getting rid of the usual in-person back and forth look building sessions that are entirely based on subjective opinion.

To take advantage of Match Pass on your next project, email info@cinecolor.io


For those looking to have projects colored from end to end, we offer a full service color workflow: Color Sync.

Unlike traditional post-houses though, this workflow is 100% remote - allowing us to deliver full service color at a fraction of the normal cost.

Most post-production facilities have to inflate costs to cover physical overhead, marketing, and full time staff. Only a small percentage of what you spend actually goes to the colorist. And for low budget projects, they are mostly assigned to less experienced / junior colorists.

Color Sync completely changes this dynamic, by eliminating bells and whistles that unnecessarily drive up costs. Why pay for the fancy office and coffee machine when you can get the same color work done for much less?

On average, our fully custom grades come in at least 50% lower than typical post houses.

To learn more about Color Sync, email info@cinecolor.io


We also offer a wide selection of deliverables to meet the needs of any projects.

Some of these services include: 

  • DCP Creation
  • Data Mastering
  • Cross Conversions
  • Closed Captioning
  • Re-Formatting For TV / Social
  • Much more!

These tasks and more can be completely remotely by our team upon request.

Send us your deliverables list at info@cinecolor.io, and we will take care of the rest!