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What cameras are these LUTs compatible with?

Every single LUT is designed from the ground up to be compatible with footage from virtually any camera. Whether you are shooting RAW on an Alexa or compressed H264 on an iPhone, these cinematic LUTs will have you covered. In fact, we’ve even gone one step further to ensure that these looks are also universally compatible with footage shot during the day or night.


How do I install the LUTs?

Installing the LUTs in your editing software is extremely simple and only takes a minute to set up.  Upon purchase you will receive a PDF that outlines exactly how to use the LUTs in many popular software platforms, including Adobe Premiere, Apple FCP X, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and more!


Which software are the LUTs compatible with?

The LUTs are compatible with virtually every popular video editing and color grading software, as well as many photo editing applications including Adobe Lightroom. They can also be used on set to monitor your color graded footage in real time with any camera or field monitor that supports LUTs.


What file format are the LUTs?

Every single pack contains both .cube files and .xmp files for maximum versatility. The .cube files are an industry standard format for video-post production, so these are the files most filmmakers will use. Photographers may prefer to use the .xmp files as they can be loaded directly into Adobe Lightroom.


What's the difference between a Single Pack and a Master Pack?

Our Single Packs all include 12 LUTs in both .cube and .xmp format. Our Master Packs bundle together 3 Single Packs, so they include 36 LUTs in both .cube and .xmp format. There is no difference in terms of quality, you simply get more LUTs with the Master Packs. You can also purchase all 144 LUTs currently available with the Ultimate Master Pack.


What is the Ultimate Master Pack?

The Ultimate Master Pack is simply a collection of all of our LUTs, bundled together at a heavily discounted price. It currently comes with 144 unique LUTs in both .cube and .xmp format.


Is it possible to use these LUTs to monitor my video feed on set?

Absolutely! Many of our filmmaker customers choose to load the LUTs in their cinema camera or on-board monitor to preview different looks in real time on set. This can be an excellent way to streamline the color process and share your vision with clients or other crew members on set.


Can I use these LUTs on Log footage?

Yes, they can be used on any footage regardless of which color space is was shot in. If you are shooting in Log or any other type of flat color space, we recommend balancing your raw footage first (either by applying a translation LUT, or just by adding contrast and saturation), before applying any of these creative looks. These LUTs are not supposed to convert Log footage to Rec 709, so if shoot in Log, be sure to create a base grade first, and then apply one of our LUTs to stylize your image.


Can I apply these LUTs to RAW footage?

Yes, absolutely. The LUTs can be applied to any video format or image format that your software can handle.


Should I pre-color my footage before applying the LUTs?

There is no need to pre-color your footage before applying the LUTs as long as you’ve exposed your footage well, and your white balance was set correctly. That said, if you do have any problems with contrast or color balance, we recommend fixing those specific issues first, and then applying the LUT. Every creative LUT will always deliver best results when applied to neutral footage that is well balanced.


How stylized will these LUTs make my footage?

Each LUT pack is designed to have a variety of looks, some of which will add a light touch to your images, while others will be more bold. None of the looks are extreme in nature however, as they are designed to be as universal as possible. While every look is distinct and beautiful in it’s own way, none will overpower your footage - they will simply enhance it.


Which LUT packs is best for my indie film/wedding business/music video projects, etc.?

That is a creative decision that is best left to you - the artist! All of the packs have been successfully used on just about every type of project, so choosing the right looks and packs for your needs really comes down to a matter of personal preference and creative taste.


Do you issue refunds?

Because our LUTs are digital downloads, we have no way of taking back the files once you purchase them. For that reason, we can not issue refunds - However, we are always happy to help answer any creative or technical questions to ensure your process is as seamless as possible. Just e-mail us anytime at info@cinecolor.io.


How soon can I download the LUTs after purchase?

The moment you purchase the LUTs, they will instantly be available for download. You can either download them using the link on your checkout page, or via the download link that will be automatically sent to you by e-mail.