Our Latest Master Pack - THE LIGHTS COLLECTION - Has Arrived! Click Here To Learn More.

Our Latest Color Grading Master Pack THE LIGHTS COLLECTION Is Now Available!

The Lights Collection is out latest color grading Master Pack, and it's already a fan favorite!

This bold new set is comprised of 36 distinct looks, each optimized to enhance color balance, tone and texture on shots captured at varying times of day - SUNLIGHT, TWILIGHT & MOONLIGHT.

As with all of of our LUT collections, the new set is universally compatible – meaning it can be applied to footage from virtually any camera.

Below is a breakdown of each of the 3 individual packs included in the Lights Collection:


The Sunlight Collection produces gorgeous color palettes that are rich, textured, and optimized for use with daylight footage. Several of the looks are designed neutralize harsh, direct sunlight by softening contrast and highlight rolloff. Others increase clarity and tonality, adding bold color tones to shots captured outside in overcast conditions, or inside with soft window light.


The Twilight Collection produces perfect color tones for shots captured during sunset, golden hour or blue hour. Midtone contrast has been prioritized to add more dimension to clouds, skin, and other key details, while saturation and vibrancy subtly enhance warm and cool tones throughout. Black levels and color balance vary in each LUT, resulting in a truly dynamic set that thrives under natural light.


The Moonlight Collection is optimized for night footage, delivering crisp colors and unique contrast ratios suitable for low-light cinematography. The entire set has been carefully engineered to increase visibility and vibrancy while maintaining luminance for consistent black levels throughout. Each look offers a unique variance in hue, color balance, and contrast for maximum versatility amongst varying lighting sources.

Each set comes with 12 individual LUTs (or 36 LUTs if you purchase the bundled Master Pack), all of which come as both .cube and .xmp files for use with all major video editing, color, and photography software.

In addition, you will receive a 4 page PDF with your purchase that will provide instructions for installing and applying your LUT files in various software programs, including: DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom.

These packs can be purchased individually as single sets, or as a Master Pack at a discounted rate.

Be sure to email your before & after samples of The Lights Collection to us at info@cinecolor.io to be featured on our blog!

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