We are rolling out some free LUTs through CINECOLOR over the next few months, beginning today with our brand new look: SOFT ENHANCE.

The LUT is designed to reduce and soften some of the undesirable qualities associated with digital cinematography. Harsh contrast is softened, sharp highlights are rolled off smoothly, and color separation is enhanced throughout.

Inspired by the stunning color science found on the Arri Alexa, SOFT ENHANCE will bring a subtle, timeless feeling to each shot it's applied to.

Below is a before and after shot, showcasing the LUT applied to a still image captured on a Lumix GH4. Note how the second image (after) has a more naturalistic color balance and contrast, while still maintaining saturation levels.

Like all of our color correction filters, the new LUT is available in both .cube and .xmp format for use in virtually any major video or photo editing software. It is also universally compatible with footage from any camera. If you shoot in LOG, be sure to covert your image to REC 709 (or add contrast/saturation manually) before adding this LUT.

Download it for free today by visiting the product page here.

You will need to add the product to your cart and check out as if it were a purchase. Since the price is set to $0, you will not be asked for any payment.

Be sure to share your results with us by email at info@cinecolor.io or tag your photos on social media with #cinecolorluts

We will be showcasing some user stories in the near future and would love to feature your work!

Enjoy, and happy coloring...

Written by Noam Kroll

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