As promised, we are continuing to roll out more free camera specific LUTs with this week's addition of the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K LUT.

Blackmagic's native "Film to Video" LUT can leave skin tones looking a touch green, and it's known to exhibit other color balance issues that need to be corrected in post. Our new BMPCC 4K LUT uses the standard Blackmagic LUT as a baseline, but improves color balance, reduces mid-tone contrast and creates a more neutral starting point for your creative grade.

Apply this LUT to your raw footage (shot in Log/Film colorspace) as a first step in your pipeline. Once applied, you can further stylize your image with any of our other LUTs, or create your own custom grade.

To download the free BMPCC 4K LUT, simply click here.

As with all of our LUTs, the BMPCC 4K LUT comes in both .cube and .xmp formats. That will allow you to use the LUT while color grading footage in virtually any video editing/color software, or even in photo applications for coloring screenshots.

Happy coloring!

Written by Noam Kroll

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