Download Our Free Arri Alexa Classic LUT Here!

Download Our Free Arri Alexa Classic LUT Here!

The Arri Alexa Classic is still one of the most popular digital cinema cameras in existence, largely thanks to its unparalleled color science. Anyone who has ever shot with the Alexa can attest to its power both on set and in the editing room.

But even the strongest digital cinema images still need some enhancement in post, which is why today we are launching a brand new LUT to do just that.

The Arri Alexa Classic is known for skewing color balance slightly green overall, but especially in mid tones and highlights. The effect is subtle, but noticeable enough that colorists usually seek to remove it while color grading in order to neutralize the image.

To save you that manual step, our brand new Arri Alexa Classic LUT will automate that process for you.

Using Arri's standard Alexa Log C to Rec 709 conversion LUT as a springboard, our LUT makes several minor adjustments to color balance and contrast to deliver a more neutral image right off the bat.

The LUT is designed to be used with footage shot in Log C, as a first step in your color pipeline. It effectively converts the image to Rec 709 while simultaneously neutralizing color balance.

As with all of our LUTs, the CINECOLOR Alexa Classic LUT comes in both .cube and .xmp formats. That will allow you to use the LUT while color grading footage in virtually any video editing/color software, or even in photo applications for coloring screenshots.

You can download the LUT for free right now by clicking here.

Happy coloring!

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