Our brand new DIGITAL TO FILM LUT is available now for FREE download. This universal LUT will take away the harsh edge from your digital footage and deliver a richer, more textured image that resembles true motion picture film.

Midtone and shadow contrast are shifted to bring out deeper colors, while highlight rolloff is softened to evoke a natural analog aesthetic.

The effect is noticeable but subtle, which allows the LUT to be used on its own or in conjunction with other LUTs/presets to further stylize the image.

Below is a before and after video of iPhone footage with the LUT + film grain applied -

This look will work best when applied to neutrally balanced, well exposed images. So always remember if you are shooting in log to convert your footage out of log before applying this (or any other) creative LUT. 

As always, this LUT is available in both .cube and .xmp format for use in all major color editing, and photo software. 

To download the LUT, simply click here and add it to your cart. The LUT costs $0, so you won’t be charged upon checkout.

We will be rolling out many more free LUTs in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back soon for more!

Happy coloring...

Written by Noam Kroll

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