Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out some brand new CINECOLOR LUTs, which means some of our existing packs will be retired to make room!

The first pack to retire will be our CITIES COLLECTION, which is comprised of these three amazing single packs: Los Angeles, New York, Paris. Each set draws inspiration from these beautiful cities, capturing the warmth of LA, the cool tones of New York, and the vibrancy of Paris.

While we’ll be sad to see this collection go, the good news is you can purchase the collection for 30% off for next 7 days!

That means Single Packs are now just $25 and the full Cities Collection Master Pack is only $62! Be sure to pick up these discounted LUTs now before they are retired on 09/25/2019.

Below is a description of each of the Single Packs included in the Cities Collection:


Inspired by the city more artists call home than any other, each color emulsion included this pack captures the sun-drenched vibrancy of LA in its own stunning way. Warm midtones and lifted shadows give several looks that unmistakable LA haze, while bold contrast ratios and unique fades give other looks a gritty, timeless charm.


This set captures the electricity of the city that never sleeps by delivering punchy images that command attention, while still remaining understated and subtle. Cool color palettes, crisp shadow to highlight ratios and natural hues give each look in this set that classic New York feel.


Many of the best filmmakers and photographers in history emerged from the great city of Paris, and the timeless looks included in this set pay homage to them. Lush, vibrant hues, unique color pairings, and carefully plotted color contrasts permeate each one of these dynamic, artfully crafted LUTs.

As always, these LUT are universally compatible with footage from any camera. They all come in both .cube and .xmp format for use in all major video editing, color correction, and photo editing software.

Pick up the full Cities Collection Master Pack by clicking here.

Or browse our Single Pack Collection to purchase individual sets.

You can now also purchase our Ultimate Master Pack (all 180 LUTs) for $100 off the original price!

Don't forget to tag before & after examples on social media with #cinecolorluts, or email samples to info@cinecolor.io to be featured here on the blog. 

Happy coloring!

Written by Noam Kroll

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