I am thrilled to announce my 3 newest LUT packs, available as of today: Skintone, Reversal Film, and Horror.

These are unquestionably some of the best LUTs I've ever created, and each one has been carefully engineered to deliver stunning results with virtually any camera or editing software.

These bold new LUTs are available right now on the Single Packs page right here on the website.

Below is a description of each of the new packs:


Achieve natural, flattering skin tones in record time with the 10 tasteful LUTs included in this pack. Each look offers varying degrees of midtone adjustments to contrast, saturation and color balance - delivering skintones that are softer, brighter and far more color accurate. All of this is achieved without having to apply any blur effects in post, which results in a far more organic final look.


Drawing influence from some of the most iconic reversal film stocks of all time, this pack produces vivid images with crisp blacks, bright whites and vibrant colors throughout. Highlight and shadow rolloff is uniformly enhanced across each LUT in the pack, adding a subtle filmic touch to each shot. Like true reversal film, for best results apply to perfectly exposed footage.


This striking new pack harnesses the essence of modern and classic horror films by combining heavy contrast ratios with dynamic saturation and color schemes guaranteed to evoke an unsettling feeling in the viewer. Black levels, white balance and highlight rolloff vary between looks, creating a widely versatile set perfect for any genre film, music video or narrative production in need of bold stylization. 

As always, these LUTs are universally compatible with footage from any camera. They all come in both .cube and .xmp format for use in all major video editing, color correction, and photo editing software.

Pick up your Skintone, Reversal Film, and Horror LUTs today! Or browse our full Single Pack collection to check out every CINECOLOR LUT currently available.

And don't forget, you can now purchase every single CINECOLOR LUT (including the new packs!) at a discounted rate with the brand new MASTER PACK III.

Happy coloring!

Noam Kroll
Founder/Colorist, CINECOLOR.IO

Written by Noam Kroll

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