This free mini-course is geared toward creatives who are new to color grading and need to build a foundation for their workflow. Throughout each lesson we cover the most essential tools, technical considerations and creative processes that go into every professional color grade. While most of the lessons are demonstrated in Davinci Resolve, all of the principles outlined are universally applicable, no matter which editing software you may be working with. Use the menu below to navigate the course!

Lesson 01: Essential Color Tools

Lesson 02: Order Of Operations

Lesson 03: Log to Rec 709

Lesson 04: Applying Creative Looks

Lesson 05: Working With LUTs

Lesson 06: Applying Film Grain

Lesson 07: Color Matching Shots

Lesson 08: Using LUTs in Davinci Resolve

Lesson 09: Using LUTs in Premiere Pro

Lesson 10: Using LUTs in FCP X

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Happy coloring!