Limited Time MAD MAX LUT Pack Now Available!

Limited Time MAD MAX LUT Pack Now Available!

Based on popular demand, I’ve decided to start creating movie-themed LUT packs that will be available exclusively on CINECOLOR.

These packs will be available for a limited time only (usually a month or less), and will be permanently retired afterwards.

To kick things off, I’ve decided to create and release a pack inspired by the film MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

Below is a description of the pack:

This very limited time movie-themed pack is inspired by the remarkable aesthetic and gorgeous colors that Mad Max is known for. Each look included offers a unique treatment that evokes one of the unmistakable palettes from the film. Bleak warmth, desaturated grit, magenta and teal, and even "black and chrome" are all present in this stylized but understated pack.

The Mad Max Pack is only available until 02/28/2021.

Ultimately this pack will be priced at $49, but the first 50 people to order today will be able to get it for $36.

To pick up your Mad Max LUTs today, click here!

Be sure to get yours before they are gone...

Happy coloring,

Noam Kroll, Founder & Colorist

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