Free Canon EOS Neutral LUT Download!

Free Canon EOS Neutral LUT Download!

While working with footage shot on the Canon M50 Mark II, I decided to create a custom color grading LUT to maximize its image quality.

Unlike some Canon cameras, the M50 II does not shoot in Log color space.

This meant I had to experiment with many different picture profiles and post-processes to find the best results.

In the end, I got the best results by using the built in Neutral picture profile from Canon, and dialing back the contrast down to 0.

With that in mind, the free Canon EOS LUT I am sharing here today is optimized for footage captured using these settings.

Whatever Canon body you may be shooting with, you should be able to achieve great results by using this LUT in conjunction with the Neutral picture profile as described above.

The LUT works by adjusting the contrast curve to lift shadows, reduce highlights, and increase mid tone contrast, which maximizes the cameras dynamic range, and creates a softer image.

Additionally, the LUT enhances color balance very slightly while adding a touch of additional saturation.

Below is a before and after example of the LUT applied to raw footage from the M50 II. Note how the shadows gain far more detail, and the overall image feels more subtle and natural –



You can download the LUT by clicking here!

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