Free Blockbuster color grading LUT! Download it here today...

Free Blockbuster color grading LUT! Download it here today...

I just dropped a brand new LUT on CINECOLOR (called Blockbuster) and it's free to download as of now!

The classic teal and orange effect that most people equate with modern blockbusters has become played out in recent years, with countless films projects of all types overusing the look.

With that in mind, I thought I would try to re-invent the blockbuster look with this free LUT, creating something that's rooted in the traditional cyan/orange balance the palette is known for, but with a different twist.

While this LUT is highly stylized, it doesn't go overboard on color contrast or saturation, resulting in a more natural look. At the same time, it also skews fairly warm (I almost called it Summer Blockbuster for that reason), differentiating it from many of the blockbuster looks from years past.

As with all of the LUTs, it comes in .cube and .xmp format for use in all major color, editing and photo applications. Installation instructions are included in your download package as well.

Click here to download the Blockbuster LUT.

Happy coloring!

Noam Kroll
Founder & Colorist, CINECOLOR

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