Introducing... CINECOLOR Digital Film Stock. 

A brand new set of 80 LUTs, engineered to deliver stunning film-inspired color palettes under virtually any lighting condition.

Much like how you might choose a different roll of film to shoot a landscape vs. a portrait, you can use these new LUTs in exactly the same way.

Each look has been carefully designed to serve a different type of shooting situation. And as always they have been tested rigorously to ensure they are up to the most demanding professional standards. 

Below is a list of the 8 new LUT packs, along with some suggested uses.

  1. Velvet 50 (soft-contrast portraiture)
  2. Escape 100 (landscapes)
  3. Platinum 200 (selective desaturation)
  4. Porta 400 (natural portraiture)
  5. Chrome 800 (muted colors)
  6. Visions 3200 (vivid saturation)
  7. Mono-Lo 400 (low contrast monochrome)
  8. Moni-Hi 1600 (high contrast monochrome
Each individual set includes 10 LUTs. And the new MASTERPACK V will bundle all 80 LUTs together at a lower cost.

The LUTs will launch on February 20th, 2022, But I have already opened 100 pre-orders at a limited time discount.

Rather than paying $400 for each pack individually, today you can order the entire MASTERPACK V for just $207.

Many pre-orders are already gone, so if you want to reserve yours now is the time.

To pre-order the MASTERPACK V now, click here!

The price is marked down on the site, so you don't need a discount code.

And don't forget to check your email on February 20th to get your priority download link. Enjoy!
Written by Noam Kroll

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