Filmmakers and photographers have fallen in love with Fuji's Classic Chrome picture profile, which generates gorgeous images with strong contrast, muted colors and a naturally cool color palette. 

This setting is built into virtually all of Fuji's cameras, and is typically used in-camera as a means to stylize your footage while shooting.

For artists who are looking to achieve this aesthetic in post, or who aren't shooting on Fuji's cameras at all - we have created a brand new FREE LUT just for you.

By analyzing hundreds of different photos shot with Fuji's native Classic Chrome setting, we have been able to successfully emulate the famed Classic Chrome look with our latest universal preset.

As with all of our LUTs, it is universally compatible with footage from any camera. Simply create a neutral base-grade for your footage or stills (by fixing white balance or contrast issues), and then apply our CHROMATIC LUT. 

Your image will instantly be transformed with this iconic palette.

Download the LUT for FREE right now by clicking here and adding it to your cart for $0.

Check back soon as we have many more free LUTs rolling out in the coming weeks!

Written by Noam Kroll

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