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This limited edition bundle includes both of our professional monochrome LUT packs and two of our most popular film grains:

  • MONO-LO 400
  • MONO-HI 1600
  • 16mm Film Grain
  • 35mm Film Grain

Mono-Lo 400 is optimized for monochrome projects with soft contrast, lifted shadows, and a more vintage vibe.

Mono-Hi 1600 delivers deep shadows, blinding whites, and heavy contrast for a punchy black and white look.

Both film grains (35mm & 16mm) can be customized to create a variety of analog aesthetics - from gritty and raw to textured and clean.

The download pack includes 20 x LUTs in .cube and .xmp format, along with 2 x film grain ProRes files in 6K resolution.


With virtually every post-production software, color grading platform and reference monitor.